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Keeping Summer 2018 Sleek and Chic: Trending Colors

Keeping Summer 2018 Sleek and Chic: Trending Colors

After a long winter and a spring that was, well, basically winter, summer has finally come! Get out in the sun, have fun, and get inspired by these trending summer colors!

Top Summer Paint Trends of 2018

Natural Neutrals

Nature-inspired neutrals will set the stage of any living space and allow your interior decorating skills to shine. Grays and whites with warm undertones will make a room seem crisp without washing it out. Even better, these neutrals match almost any colors you’d want to pair them with.


This summer, go bold! A medium purple or violet opens up a small room while providing a punch of personality. Pair it with bright molding and a contrasting color, like a bright yellow, to keep it from getting overwhelming.


Indigo is a twist on the classic bright blue of summer. Indigo serves as a dramatic, calming presence, giving any dining room or office a deep-lake feel. Match your indigo walls with some light neutrals to keep yourself afloat, or repaint an accent piece if you’re unsure about diving all the way in.

Soft/aqua Blues

Talk about a classic! Nothing says ‘summer’ like the bright, clean look of aqua. Refresh your side tables or coffee tables with this color for a lakeside vibe anytime. Match it with neutrals, other blues, and bright greens.

Bright Greens

Draw on the idea of limes and tropical plants to bring life to your home. Combine this with plenty of whites and sunlight to keep it from getting overly bright.

Seafoam Green

Seafoam green is back! (As if it ever left.) Soothing and refreshing at the same time, seafoam green is perfect for any bedroom, living room, or any other space you’d like to spend time relaxing in.

Bold Yellows

Golds and marigolds are the perfect way to invite sunlight into your living space. Use it as an accent color against dark colors to make the space pop, or go all in and pair a full wall with white molding and contrasting furniture.

Pinks & Peaches (+ Coral)

The popularity of Millennial Pink has transformed perceptions on the color as a whole. No longer inherently feminine or gendered, mild pinks and peaches can pair with neutral colors, dark colors, or deep greens to provide a feel of sophistication or summer romance in any room you choose.

Motor City Paints can provide you with all of these colors to brighten up your home for the summer and beyond. Have something else in mind? With our sixteen-pigment system, we’ll match any color you bring in. Plus, all of our paints are specially created for Michigan weather so it will last through the heat and cold. And did we mention you can get a free pint by using coupons code ‘FREEPINT’ at checkout?  Happy painting!


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