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How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Personality

How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Personality

When trying to make your house a home, choosing the right color for that next coat of paint is always a challenge. Some people try to stay with the times and select an in-style tone and others try to throw it back with some retro shades. Whatever path you choose, it is important that you are content with your selection and that your color of choice reflects your personality. In this article, we will discuss what color palettes match each persona in helping you decide what interior paint color scheme works for you—and what might not.

Consider Your Closet

This may seem like a weird thing to consider—what relation does your closet and painting a room have? Your shades and tones within your closet are the colors you feel comfortable and stylish wearing. It also shows you the styles and themes you tend to gravitate to which can be transferred to choosing the interior paint color scheme for your home. If you like wearing these colors, chances are you will enjoy being surrounded by them in the interior of your favorite room(s).

Think about how you want to feel and what thoughts you want your guests to have when they see the new coat of paint. 

Paint Colors To Match Your Personality

Stable, Reliable and Trustworthy

Blue conveys a message of stability and reliance. A trusting tone, blues are also considered one of the most calming of colors. We see a lot of blue in nature—the sky and the water, both of which people view as a symbol of serenity which is translated when putting a shade of blue on your interior walls.

People whose personality type falls in with blue tend to have an established order in their lives. They also appreciate peace and predictability.

Playful and Lighthearted

Much like the sun, shades of yellow radiate positivity and joy. It is playful and lighthearted.

People who are big fans of yellows tend to be fun and exciting to be around. Generally, with a mix of well-set manners and humor, “yellows” are always good company. Yellow has been thought to represent light-hearted fun.

Passionate and Ambitious

Reds, especially bright shades, are paramount in grabbing attention. They also convey thoughts of love, passion, and even danger.

A “red personality” tends to possess a lot of ambition and energy. They are also quite competitive and do not like to settle for second place—something you might come across within yourself when trying to find the best shade of red.

Loyal and Comforting

Similar to the forest, green represents well-being and restoration. The almost universal color for recycling and the environment, green depicts ideas of being natural and sustainable as well as depicting good health.

Color psychologists see green, and people who like green, as excellent and loyal friends/partners. Depicting a sense of healing, painting a room green can be seen as a place of recovery or an area to “get your mind right”.

Sophisticated and Creative

The right shade of purple in a room can go a long way. This extremely versatile color is usually associated with royalty, luxury, and sophistication. The color is considered sacred because of how scarcely it shows up in nature.

Purples seem to be favorable to those who have visions of power, wealth, and creativity.

Youthful and Full of Energy

Similar to yellow, orange is both a youthful and high-energy color.

“Orange” personalities tend to take the best qualities from both red and yellows. Orange also has some similar connotations as green, representing general wellness and healing.

Seasonal Schemes

Some people can function in any season, while others fall into seasonal moods,  becoming more of an introvert when the winter months come around. Here’s what the following season preferences might say about your color interests:


If your little heart lights up during the months when everything is in bloom, chances are you like a more inviting color. Consider a warm yellow for an energetic and fresh feeling,  just like the spring season.


Someone who loves soaking up the sun in the hot months may be more attracted to a gentle blue or pink. Summer sunsets are often what comes to mind with a heavy mixture of blues, pinks, and oranges all over the sky.


If you are in love with the time of year when the leaves are falling and everything smells crisp, chances are you would respond well to painting your next room a shade of yellow. Deeper than a yellow for spring, a rich and strong shade would suit you well and make you feel comfortable.


Similar to a frozen lake or snowfall, a cool or light blue for fans of the frigid would be perfect. A dramatic blue or pink can make a strong impression on your next guests as well. 

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