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Why You Should Shop for Paint Online

Why You Should Shop for Paint Online

Motor City Paint’s website just got a complete makeover. With a new user-friendly interface and a number of features, there are tons of reasons to shop for paint online. Here are a few points that separate us from your traditional brick and mortar paint retailer.

Top 10 Reasons to Shop for Paint Online

1. Convenience

By shopping online, you can spend more time painting and less time walking aimlessly through the paint store. Shopping from the comfort of your home is one of the many benefits you will experience when you shop online.

2. Always Open

While our traditional stores eventually close at the end of the day, like every other retail store, our website stays open and functioning 24/7. So whether you are up and at it early in the morning or painting until midnight to finish that last room, our website will always be accessible to cater to your painting needs.

3. No More Paint Chips

Shopping on Motor City Paint’s website has an awesome new feature that is truly the best way to test out a new paint color in your home—free pints. Now you can skip the paint chips that never seem to help, and get your first pint of Motor City Paint is ON US! That’s right—use the promo code ‘FREEPINT’ and your first pint is free—all you have to pay for is shipping and handling.

4. Talk to a Real Paint Pro

We have a “Contact Us” feature that contends with any in-store rep. No more walking aimlessly around a store looking for someone who works there. We promise you’ll always get a speedy, real reply in order to make your online shopping experience hassle-free.

5. Always In Stock

While traditional stores may be running low or even out of stock on some colors, our website has an extensive range of colors and inventory. Whether it be our Detroit Historical Colors, Farrow & Ball Collection or Exterior Stain, we will never run out of stock.

6. Painting Tips & Advice

Our blog section offers helpful tips and up-to-date painting advice for homeowners. Learn more about current painting trends and much more to supplement your decision making process and come to a conclusion on your own—rather than deal with a box-store associate that may not know exactly what they’re talking about.

7. Stop Running Around

Motor City Paint is your one-stop destination for everything paint-related. Instead of running from aisle to aisle or store to store, we have everything in one place—all from the comfort and convenience of your home or mobile phone. Additionally, we carry all the supplies necessary to start your next painting project, from trays to brushes and everything in between.

8. A Cart-Free Experience

Hate pushing around that heavy shopping cart? Our website’s virtual cart will keep all your products in one place until you are ready to check out. Simply select ‘Add to Cart’ on any product, and it will be set aside and ready to go with the rest of your products when you are done shopping.

9. Helpful Searching

If you know what you want, Motor City Paint’s search feature on their website allows you to quickly navigate to your product of choice. Rather than looking at the aisle titles in a traditional store, you can simply type in whatever you are looking for and get there within a few seconds.

10. Easy Comparisons

Rather than taking a picture of your interior, bringing it into the store and hoping the lighting is right to get the exact color, compare from home. Using our website, you can look at your wall’s current paint shade directly next to a color from our inventory—you can also compare our paint colors side by side on our website.

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