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How to Design a Kitchen People Will Want to Spend Time In

best kitchen paint colors

Designing or renovating a big part of the house like the kitchen can be a major pain, but we’re here to support you. We will take a look at what should be done before remodeling even starts and offer tips on some of the best kitchen paint colors and interior design that will make your guests never want to leave.

The kitchen is a room that everyone in the house ends up gravitating to. It’s where the magic happens–from everyday lunches to those holiday meals you love to cook, your kitchen is used continuously. For this reason, when you are designing your kitchen you want to make sure it is not just something you like, but something your guests will feel at home in as well.


Look Ahead to Save Money

Believe it or not, financing your kitchen redesign can take longer than the actual project. It’s important to plan ahead in order for your project to move swiftly and efficiently. Have a rough sketch of what you would like your new kitchen to look like, be in contact with a professional of your choosing, and have your financial plan for the project composed and realistic. It’s a good idea to also have some other minor details in mind, like, types of countertops, cabinet design, as well as flooring (should your kitchen need new floors).


Redesigning your kitchen can be a very exciting time, but it’s important not to get ahead of yourself. Nothing looks worse than a half-finished kitchen you cannot afford to complete. Set a realistic budget before you start and stick to it. You can always leave out larger expenses like appliances, then reconsider if you have more funds than you thought.  Budget realistically!

Professionals Can Help

Everyone wants to be the visionary behind their kitchen design. However, a seasoned professional could help you in more ways than one. From design experience to setting realistic timelines, a profession really does have the upper hand. Some are even able to offer discounts on appliances, flooring, and much more! Kitchen remodels usually only happen once, so hiring a professional could definitely be worth it.

Design Execution

Paint Color

Certain colors are better suited in different areas of your home. Not everyone knows which colors should go where, but lucky for you we’re going to give you some insight on the best kitchen paint colors. Whites, grays, and reds are just a few of the most ideal paint colors to consider when changing up the walls of your kitchen. A white kitchen feels fresh and clean and can really stimulate the senses to give you a perfect start to your day. If white seems too boring, gray is a great alternative neutral that goes with almost any other color you want to accent with.  Looking for something more adventurous? Shades of red are actually known to stimulate appetite, in addition to really making your kitchen pop.


When designing your new kitchen, it is important for everyone to have enough space. You don’t want people bumping into each other trying to pass by, or even worse, the dishwasher nearly hitting the garbage can when both are open. Additionally, whether it is hardwood, tiles or some material in between, choose a flooring option that will set the tone for the rest of your kitchen to follow.


Appliances can make or break a new kitchen. All appliances should be very strategically placed. For example, a microwave should be at an accessible height for everyone–if you have kids running around the house, consider a smaller level. Additionally, the dishwasher and stove should be equidistant from each other and never have the fear of clogging up your kitchen with both of them open. Lastly, think function over fashion.


The island has almost come to be a must-have in modern kitchens. Although they are not necessary, they definitely open up a room. Every house is different, so envision your kitchen and think if an island would look good in it. They can be used for discussions with family and friends over drinks, a place to set out hors-d’oeuvres, or the pickup spot for your children’s school lunches. Islands rarely make a kitchen, but they can definitely break it if you try to force it.


Countertops can be the most fun (and unfortunately, most expensive) part of designing your kitchen. Granite is a wonderful option but has gradually become a mainstay in the American kitchen. Quartz, laminate flooring, and marble are all wonderful alternatives that can easily make your kitchen countertops pop. Additionally, whether you have an island or not, you want your countertops to be uniform throughout your kitchen.

Following these design tips and tricks from start to finish can end with a wonderful new kitchen both you and your guests can enjoy. Keep in mind the financing and budgeting, and you will be hosting a rocking dinner party in no time.

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