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How To Increase Your Curb Appeal

How To Increase Your Curb Appeal - Featured Image

You do not necessarily have to be selling your home to be thinking about renewing the outside of your home. After all, it’s important to have a house that looks welcoming! While a complete renovation of your home’s exterior can be quite costly, there are plenty of economical options to renew your the face of your home. Here are some simple approaches to improve curb appeal without exploding your budget:

Update Your Exterior Colors

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is one of the more inexpensive options to improve curb appeal and increase your home’s value. Dark colors are currently the trend for front doors, such as a glossy Pitch Black or Hague Blue. Or, you could go with a more vibrant blast of color, like Stagecoach Red or Citron Yellow. Make sure to also update your door’s hardware so it matches your new paint job!

If the siding and trim of your home exterior are also looking a little lackluster or the colors are out-of-date, it’s time for some new paint! You may want to choose the right complementary color for your home based on your house’s architectural style or on the rest of your home’s exterior colors. Light neutral colors like New White or Cloud Watching will generally pair well with other colors. Or, if you want to improve curb appeal by adding structure and angles to your home that has a light-colored body, try adding some darker trim accents in London Clay or Bumpy Cake.

Start Pressure Washing

It’s not paint, but the results of pressure washing your brick stairs or stone walkways are just as satisfying as a fresh coat of paint! Bricks, concrete, vinyl siding, metal, and wooden decks are all things you should consider pressure washing on your home’s exterior, especially if you have never done so before. You may be surprised how new your home may look after a good pressure wash.

Replace Exterior Lighting

Are the light fixtures on your porch getting a little rusty, or are they a little bit out of date? Light fixtures are like jewelry for your porch – don’t be afraid to make a statement! Consider changing out your porch lighting for something more modern or up-to-date; recessed lighting or gold fixtures are the current popular trend and will definitely improve curb appeal for your home. If you have a walkway that leads up to your front door, you can also consider adding small lamp posts or other walkway lighting fixtures.

Add Greenery and Landscape

Whether you have a big lawn outside your home or live in a concrete-filled city, the refining touches to your home make a big difference to improve curb appeal. If you have a spacious lawn, make sure your lawn is neatly mowed and consider adding flower beds or other local greenery to give your home more dimension. If you live in a city and have limited opportunities for landscaping, try adding window planters with potted flowers to add some pops of color to your home’s exterior.

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