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Why You Should Buy Paint Online

is it a good idea to buy paint online?

Why You Should Order Paint Online

There are some people out there who feel skeptical when it comes to making purchases online. Whether it’s clothing, a new bed, or even groceries, some people prefer to be able to see and sample certain products in person. You may feel the same way when it comes to buying new paint for your home, too, but there are quite a few benefits when you order paint online.

Better Search Options

Paint stores often offer a variety of different paints and the choices can be overwhelming. You might have even wished you could just do a quick search for the paint you need and have it drop right into your arms. The good news is, buying paint online is exactly that easy. Whether you are looking for interior paint or exterior stain, many websites will have their products organized and you can view what you need and not be distracted by all the other irrelevant options.


If you live in a city, a small apartment, or if you don’t have a car, going out to buy paint for your renovations can become a big headache. Having the option to order paint online saves you the task of going to the store and lugging gallons of heavy paint back home. Buying paint online can also give you more control over getting just enough for your project; if you find that you need more paint, you can order more so that it arrives when you need it!

Another big inconvenience of buying paint at a store is having to wait in line for your paint to be mixed. When you order paint online, your paint is mixed and shipped to your house at an expected arrival date. You don’t have wait in a long line or waste any idle time at the store. This allows homeowners to be more efficient, calculated, and free of stress with their home painting projects.

Available Stock

One common problem homeowners encounter when visiting home improvement stores is, although the color they want may be in stock, the type of paint finish they are seeking isn’t available. When you order paint online, you know exactly what is available to buy right away. Ordering online lets you see all the possible color choices and order samples at the same time. Again, there is no need to wait for your paint to be mixed!

Try Out Motor City Paints

Motor City Paints delivers quality paints for both interior and exterior projects. We make sure our paints are high-quality ingredients that can withstand the rugged climate of Michigan.

Colors will always look different on your wall from a swatch, online or in-person, and can also change depending on the type of paint finish you get. At Motor City Paints, we know it can be intimidating to order paint online, and we always encourage our customers to sample paints before committing to the gallon or more. That is why we offer sample pots of our paints, so you can save some money and order several colors you like to test them out in your home.

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