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How to Paint Wood Blinds

The Key to Painting Wood Blinds

Painting wood blinds can seem like an intimidating task, especially if you have windows that go from the floor to the ceiling. After painting your walls, trim, and moldings around your window, though, untouched blinds can look out of place. Choosing to paint your wooden blinds can save you hundreds of dollars in place of purchasing brand new blinds for your windows while giving your home an updated and complete new look. To keep this task from getting out of hand, we recommend tackling one window at a time. Ready to get painting? Here are some tips when painting wood blinds.

Prepare Your Materials

It’s always wise to gather the materials you will need before starting any painting project. When painting wood blinds, you will potentially need:

Choose Your Color

If your wood blinds have never been painted before you can choose to either stain them or paint them. Traditionally, homeowners like having stained blinds to match their hardwood floors. However, painted wood blinds have recently become a popular trend. Take inventory of what decor and colors exist in your room before making a decision on what route to take with your blinds.

If you’ve chosen to paint your wood blinds, the next step is to choose the right paint finish. At Motor City Paint, our paints come in a variety of colors that are available in a ceramic matte finish that produces a flat look while staying durable. Our paints are also stain resistant and easy to clean without harming the paint. Our Ambassador Ceramic Paint is self-priming, meaning one less step to worry about when painting your wooden blinds.

Remove the Slats

Removing and reassembling the slats on your blinds can seem like the most tedious task when painting wood blinds, but it’s quite easy to do. Find a space to lay down your drop cloth where you can paint your blinds and let them dry undisturbed. Lift the bottom slats and use a flat head screwdriver to remove the plastic or wooden pegs on the bottom rail. Once the pegs are removed, cut or untie the knot in the lift cord and pull the cord enough to release the slats from the string ladder.

Get Painting!

Once you’ve gotten all of your supplies together and have properly removed the slats on your blinds, it’s time to start painting. If you’re not using self-priming paint, start by priming your slats. Lay each slat down flat over your drop cloth and paint the top side of the slats, as well as the edges, with your paint brush. Wait for the slats to dry per the manufacturer’s recommended time period. Once the slats are dry, turn them over and paint the other side and wait the recommended time for them to dry.

Putting Back the Slats

You can begin to reassemble your blinds back together only after the paint is fully dry. Draw the main strings of your string ladder back through the holes of each slat. Once you get to the bottom slat, pull the main strings through the peg holes. Tie a knot and press the wooden or plastic pegs back into place.

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