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4 Fresh & Bold Front Door Paint Colors for an Inviting Home

Front Door Paint Colors For an Inviting Home

The Best Front Door Paint Colors

The price of a brand new front door can easily cost between $1,500 to $5,000.  If you get it installed by a professional it will cost you even more. Or, as an alternative you can brighten up the face of your home with a new coat of paint.

Top Front Door Paint Colors

Front doors are the first thing people see and set the tone for how inviting your home is going to be. Even though it seems like a small thing, the front door can do wonders for your curb appeal and even your home value. Painting your front door is an easy project that won’t break the bank.


This year, Zillow’s Paint Color Analysis showed that black was a popular color choice that surprisingly increased home value by thousands of dollars. It’s a bold and authoritative color that grounds the home. If Pitch Black seems too dark or gloomy for your taste, try Black Blue or Off-Black.

Navy Blue

Blue is always a fashionable color no matter where it is found in your home, and Navy Blue has also proven to be a popular front door color. Black Bottom Blue, Cadillac Slate, or Dossin Blue are great options for a beautiful and inviting front doorway.

Baby Blue

Not in the mood for dark paint colors? Try a lighter blue! Turquoise and other bright blues are calm and serene; a radiant shade will surely set a welcoming mood for your guests as they enter your home. Light blue is a customer favorite and our best-sellers include Wyland Waters, Belle Isle Blue, and Blue Ground.


There is nothing that catches your attention quite like a vibrant red, which represents luck and happiness in many cultures. Trend reports show that warm, reddish purples like Bricktown are going to be the next big color for 2019, or you could go with lighter options like Blazer or Incarnadine.

Choosing the Right Finish

Another aspect to consider when choosing your paint color is finding the right paint finish. Glossy and high-gloss paints are the most common choice for doors and front entryways because they offer an illuminating aesthetic while being the most durable paint finishes.

The front door gets used every day and needs to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic while still looking good. Glossy and high-gloss paints will be able to withstand the high traffic of people going in and out of the house every day, whether you’re nudging the door open with your foot or pressing five grocery bags against the door as you look for your keys. The higher sheen will also better protect your door from the sun, heavy rain, high winds, or harsh winters.

Try Motor City Paint

Our Historical Collection has 75 Detroit-inspired paint colors that will bring new life to your front door. It’s important to us that we provide the best paint for our customers, which is why our paints are designed to stand against Michigan’s tough winters and humid summers, or anywhere else with unpredictable weather.

It’s critical to always test out a paint before you move forward with your project. Sample a few of our front door paint colors before buying a gallon. Try out your first pint on us, today, with coupon code “FREEPINT”!

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