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5 Unique Paint Colors for Your Living Room

Unique Paint Colors and How To Use Them

Experimenting with Unique Paint Colors

For the past few years, colors have been making a comeback in home interiors. Every year, the colors homeowners choose for their homes only get brighter and bolder. At Motor City Paints, we are excited to offer our own unique paint colors through our Detroit-inspired historical collection. We have a variety of paint products, from interior to exterior paints, that come in all different finishes. If you’re looking to add some extra excitement into your home, check out some of our favorite colors in the collection.

Wyland Waters

Wyland Waters is one of the top-sellers in our collection. This slightly muted sea green pairs well with white trim and other light-colored accents. It’s also a nice, calming color for an accent wall in your foyer, living room, or bedroom.

Delray Moss

Dark colors have been an ongoing trend for front doors and hallways, and Delray Moss is a great choice for both. For modern homes, it’s a strong, bold color that would be perfect for accentuating the clean trim lines of your home’s architecture.

Motown Vibe

You can add flair to any room by painting your interior walls with Motown Vibe. Whether you’re painting the whole room or just an accent wall, this yellow pairs well with both light and dark colored furniture and accents. Use it to add some vibrancy to your home’s entryway, hallway, or kitchen!

Kaline Cobalt

Blue works well in almost any room, and Kaline Cobalt is no exception. Use this dark blue as an accent color for any room – the wall surrounding your mantle, the cabinets in your kitchen, or even your porch ceiling.

Olympia Cornerstone

Olympia Cornerstone is a warm, reddish brown that pairs really well with other earth tones. Or, if you like a more traditional look, use this on your trim against creamy white walls in your living room, dining room, or foyer.

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