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6 Best Interior Paint Color Ideas & Tips

Interior Paint Color Ideas for Entertaining Rooms

Interior Paint Colors Ideas that Bring a Room Together

When entertaining guests, there is nothing like a pop of color to set the ambiance in your home. Accent decor, furniture, and of course, interior paint, are a great way to add color throughout your home. Depending on their decor, homeowners may want to be more mindful of what interior paint color to use to when creating a cohesive space. Here are a few suggestions of interior paint color ideas that will make any guest in your home feel welcome.

Off-White Shades

In the interior wall paint world, white comes in all different shades. Motor City Paint’s, White Stripes, works as a classic “blank canvas” if you already have a lot of color throughout the rest of the room. If you’re not yet ready to add a bold color into your home, you can still add some warmth with Ice Dream, with orange, red, and brown accents. Edna’s Noble White, on the other hand, is a cooler white that matches with blues, greens, and purples, and is perfect for adding a little extra brightness into a room.

Rustic Neutrals

Neutral colors are a practical choice for interior paint. They go well in any room and match with all types of furniture and decor. Warm neutrals like Macarthur Bridge and Cadillac Place give your home a rustic and inviting ambiance. For something more down-to-earth, try best-selling shades of “greige”, such as Kresge Cream and Fox Facade.

Contemporary Greys

Grey is a modern neutral that can unify any decor. It is modern, bold, and classic, all at the same time. Motor City Mist offers a lighter shade that will enhance other vibrant colors in the room, while Out of the Ashes will contrast well with lighter colored furniture. Want a more dramatic and edgy effect? Try a dark shade like Detroit Steel.

Calming Blues

Blue sets a calm and relaxing mood that is perfect for any living room, sitting room, or family room. Dossin Blue is a classic color that will look crisp and impressive, especially when paired with white trim. If you would rather have a more light-hearted and beachy feel, try Wyland Waters.

Warm Yellows

A bright and cheery yellow color is a great way to put smiles on the faces of your guests. This interior color looks especially lovely in rooms that get more sunlight. Liven up a room that has dark pieces of furniture with Golden Tower. For a more retro look, choose Motown Vibe, which will look great against curtains or upholstery with big and bold patterns.

Earth Tones

Turn your entertaining spaces into an elegant, yet exotic, getaway, by using brown and green earth tones. This color scheme stays balanced with both vibrant colors and light, neutral tones, so you never have to worry about these interior paints clashing with the rest of your decor. Beautiful, rich browns like Michigan Avenue and Cloth of Solanus paired with the nature-shades of Pale Pewabic or Delray Moss will be sure to add dimension and sophistication into any entertaining spaces.

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