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Murals in the Market Recap: Artists to Watch

Murals In The Market Recap: Artists to Watch

Artists of Murals in the Market

This year, Motor City Paint was the official paint sponsor for Detroit’s most notable annual street art festivals, Murals in the Market. It was hosted by 1xRun from September 13th to 22nd. Both local and international artists gathered throughout the Eastern Market to create amazing walls of art. Here are five out of the many talented artists who participated this year!

Sheefy McFly

A true modern renaissance man, Sheefy McFly is both a visual artist and musician who represents Detroit to the fullest. He is an inspiring rapper, DJ, painter, and entrepreneur who dives into his projects headfirst. In 2009, he founded TAUT. Also known as “The Air Up There,” it’s a monthly hip-hop showcase to help local artists get a chance at the stage. Outside of his music success, Sheefy is still always painting. A lot of his artwork radiates surrealism and cubism with bright, vivid colors. He has painted multiple murals throughout Detroit, and you can find them in Eastern Market, Rosedale Park, and Corktown.

Sydney G. James

You may have seen Sydney James’ work on television before. She was the resident artist for ABC Network’s Lincoln Heights and has worked on many other network shows and films. You may also remember seeing her work in past Murals in the Market. Sydney’s portraits are bold, powerful, and stirring. She has shared her talents in many community arts projects in Detroit as well as coast to coast, in galleries including the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Inner State Gallery, The Red Bull House of Art, and Gentlemen Jack’s Art, Beats and Lyrics.

Nathan Bell

Nathan Bell lives in Los Angeles, but his roots originated right from Ann Arbor. His artwork combines hand-painted words and illustrations in a beautiful, yet edgy, stream-of-consciousness way. They are inspired by real-life conversations, thoughts, music, culture, and wordplay. Bell’s art, designs, and installations have been shown at the Subliminal Projects, The Hole NYC, HVW8, ForYourArt, See Line Gallery, and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery alongside artists including Dave Muller, Johanna Jackson, Ed Fella, Sage Vaughn, Ron English, and Shepard Fairey.

Ann Lewis

Ann Lewis is an activist-artist who uses her art to bring attention to gentrification, women’s rights, police brutality, and other social justice issues. Her work has been exhibited in the White House and, this year, she was named the 2018 Artist-in-Residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute Residency for Equal Justice. This year at Murals in the Market, Ann used her wall as a platform to encourage people to vote. She even registered new voters in the process.

Jillian Evelyn

Jillian Evelyn grew up in Michigan and is now based in Los Angeles. Much of her artwork explores femininity, from emotions to moods to sexuality. The figures in her artwork are illustrative and abstract. The colors are minimal, yet bold, contrasting, and vibrant. Jillian is no stranger to using house paint in her work, which made her one of the perfect artists for Murals in the Market!

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