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How to Grow Your Paint Business Using Social Media

Grow Your Paint Business using Social Media

Marketing Through Social Media

Before businesses could create their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, all efforts were focused on websites and branding. So what can marketing through social media do that a website can’t?

The biggest difference is right in the name: social. Marketing through social media helps personify companies and helps them foster more intimate relationships with their customers. A company can show off works-in-progress or finished projects on Instagram. They’re also able to share links that are relevant to their industry on Twitter.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to help grow your business with social media.

Determine Your Audience

If the point of marketing through social media is creating conversation, then it’s important to know who you’re conversing with. For example, you could create content geared towards potential customers who should hire you. You could also offer advice to help people solve a problem on their own.

Consider where your audience lives, what stage in life they’re in, and other specifics that would affect how you relate your content to them. This doesn’t mean you have to present content to only one type of demographic. The fact is, acknowledging all different types of people who are relevant or interested in your business is important. Knowing who you want to reach is the key to creating effective content that will attract different types of people to your business.

Pick the Right Platform

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, oh my! There are so many different platforms to choose from, and you may be wondering if you need to be on all of them. While it’s not totally necessary to use every social media platform out there, your company needs to be mindful of which one you choose, and it’s important to use it effectively.

Creating a Facebook page is largely effective because many potential customers use Facebook search to find local businesses. It is pretty much an all-in-one platform where you can add basic information about your company, post pictures, and even create ads to target potential customers. Twitter, on the other hand, is a great way to offer a quick hook when sharing links or captioning a photo. Instagram is totally visual and offers a great way to show off ideas or finished projects. If you check out Motor City Paint’s Instagram page, you will find a variety of images. Motor City Paint uses Instagram to show off our product, give customer’s a glance behind the scenes, and, most importantly, showcase homes and projects that have used our paint.

Plan Ahead

If marketing through social media seems tedious and time-consuming, that’s because it can be! Make it easier on yourself by planning ahead, even if it’s just a rough idea. Create a social media calendar so you can post consistently, as well as keep track of what you’ve already posted. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking a little time each month to plan out your social media strategy will actually save you a lot of time in the end. You can grow your business while staying focused on the work at hand.

Handling Negative Comments and Trolls

We would be remiss if we didn’t address the possibility of negative comments on your social media pages. There are so many things you can control when setting up your online presence, but comments from other people are not one of them. However, negative comments are just another way to show off your customer service. If you see a complaint or negative reaction to your business, use it as an opportunity to show off your professionalism. If you find that the feedback is valid, you can also use it as a learning point to better your business and avoid similar criticism in the future.

Contrary to popular belief, negative reviews can potentially help your business. Some consumers actually become suspicious when they see long lists of only positive reviews. Avoid deleting legitimate concerns or negative reviews, or else your audience may view it as a breach of integrity and authenticity. If the feedback isn’t constructive – stay calm! Be the bigger person and write a mature, customer-service-oriented response.

Social media presents opportunities to have conversations, answer questions, and show off personality and company values beyond what a website can provide. Does this mean marketing through social media can replace a website? Probably not. But it can certainly enhance your radius of influence and help you actively attract more people to your business.

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