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4 Ways to Make a Statement with Black Paint

How to Make a Statement with Black Paint

Have you ever considered using black paint in your home? The color black can seem daunting to use because a small amount can make a huge impact! However, black is such a beautiful and solid color that is guaranteed to stand out and make a great statement. Consider some of these black paint ideas; they will surely add a little extra excitement to your home.

A Daring Entrance

Doors are one of the more obvious black paint ideas as it has been one of the top colors for front doors this year. It’s also such a fast and easy paint project compared to other areas in the home. Even though a front door seems like a minor piece of your home, it’s the first major focal point that guests see. In contrast with a lighter trim or exterior color, a black front door is sure to create a strong impression! For a truly bold front door to wow all of your guests, try Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Black in full gloss.

Elegant Accents

Trim, moulding, banisters, mantles, and ceiling beams are all potential areas to incorporate more of the color black into your home. With a variety of different accent areas to use black paint, ideas are endless! Black paint on trim and moulding can help create clean, crisp lines for a modern look. Black on banisters, mantles, and ceiling beams will highlight the architecture of your home. Hallways, ceilings, and smaller wall surfaces are more wonderful opportunities to paint black as an accent wall. As mentioned before, just a little bit of black goes a long way for an impressive effect.

Black Kitchens

White has long been the popular choice for kitchens, but many black paint ideas are starting to make their way into kitchens, too! Black cabinets against white or light colored walls offer a contemporary design to your kitchen. If you have open cabinets, you could paint the inside space of the cabinets as a subtle accent. You can even consider using a dark chalk paint, such as Anchor, to turn a plain wall in the kitchen into a functional one for your grocery lists, meal plans, and household notes.

Going Full Black

Looking to make even more of a statement in your home? Try painting a whole room black! If you’re worried about having a room full of black walls looking too dark, choose to paint a room that has more windows and gets lots of natural light. You can also embellish the room with more lighting options for a more harmonious atmosphere. Use a lighter color trim, like White Stripes, Scott’s Fountain, or River Cloud Watching to balance against the black walls.

Use our code FREEPINT to start testing out your black paint ideas today! Just as black clothing matches with basically any accessory, a black room matches well with other decor and furnishings, too! Contrast a black room with cream-colored furniture, or continue the impressionable effect with more vibrant colors. Whatever you desire, you can dress up a black room however you want.

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