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How to Paint a Stairwell

Pulling Off the Perfectly Painted Stairwell

Pulling Off the Perfectly Painted Stairwell

For many homes, the stairwell is the first thing you and your house guests see when walking through the front door and into the entryway. It only makes sense to turn it into an eye-catching masterpiece! Read on to learn how to paint a stairwell that matches the personality of your home.

The Anatomy of a Stairwell

You would be surprised as to how many parts there are within a stairwell, but it’s good to be aware of them for you to know how to paint a stairwell exactly the way you want it.

First, you have steps, which are made up of the tread and the riser. The tread is the flat part on top where you step on, and the riser is the vertical face of the step. Some staircases have open rises, meaning there is an open space instead of a riser.

Second, the side railings are comprised of the handrails, also known as banisters, and balusters, which are the long spindles and bars that connect the banister to the steps. You also have the inner and outer strings to secure the staircase. All of these parts can be painted to transform your stairwell into a beautiful view.

How to Paint a Stairwell the Way You Want

Wood Stains

Just like hardwood floors, many homeowners like to keep the original color of their steps. If your wood steps are becoming faded, you can use a wood stain to refresh the color and make them look new again. Motor City Paint offers a variety of stain colors to restore your steps to their natural hardwood glory.

Alternating Colors

Alternating colors is probably one of the most common ways to paint a stairwell. Hardwood treads and white risers are a popular look. Go monochromatic by alternating two different shades of one color, or choose two contrasting colors for a fun and more eccentric design.

Single Colors

Don’t want to spend too much time taping and painting? Try painting the steps all one color! You could choose to paint your steps the same color as the adjacent walls or paint your steps to match your flooring.

Painting Outside the Steps

Perhaps you already love the way your stairway looks, but you still want to find a way to add some extra pizzazz. Consider painting the handrail and balusters, or the inner and outer strings. Painting these areas is a great way to enhance your stairwell and complement your steps.

Getting Creative

Ombre Stairs

Everyone loves a good ombre design; it’s a great option if you’re in love with one color and can’t decide which shade to use! If you want your whole stairwell to have an ombre effect, paint every step a different shade of the same color, starting with the darkest shade and ending in the lightest shade. You could also apply the ombre design to just the risers and paint the tread one solid color, or vice versa.

Fake Runners

You can find all different kinds of patterns on stair runners, but some people don’t want to have a rug on their steps. If that’s how you feel, picture how to paint a stairwell with a fake runner! That way, you get the beautiful design you desire without any vacuuming responsibilities. Painting a faux runner onto your ways might involve a little more taping and effort, but it can totally add extra flair into your home.

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