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10 Kitchen Cabinet Paints We Love

10 Kitchen Cabinet Paints We Love

Choosing the Right Cabinet Paint Color

People spend a lot of time in their kitchen. Whether it’s to cook, eat, or just hang out, it’s one of the rooms homeowners are most excited to decorate and update! Painting your cabinets a new color is one of the easiest ways change the whole look and feel of your kitchen. It costs significantly less than a full kitchen renovation and certainly takes a lot less time. Satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss paint finishes are best to use for cabinet paint. Choose a higher sheen for cabinets that get used the most; the glossier the paint, the easier to wipe and clean!

If you have nice hardwood cabinets that need a bit of reviving, Motor City Paint offers a variety of stain colors to match the natural wood of your cabinets. But if you would rather get creative with color, here are some of the top paint colors to consider for your dream kitchen.

Neutrals and Naturals

White Stripes

White has forever been the safe color for kitchens, and there’s no questioning why. It looks bright, clean, and has the ability to make any room look more spacious. White Stripes is a perfect shade that matches with any other color in the kitchen. Use White Stripes on your cabinets to complement a more vibrant color on your kitchen walls. It’s also a great shade of white for open shelving or open cabinets to showcase your colorful bowls, plates, and cups.

East English Village

Did you know that gray is one of the up and coming neutrals? If you are veering away from a white kitchen, dark gray like East English Village is one of the top choices. If the rest of your kitchen is white, a dark gray cabinet paint will help add dimension to the room. It also works particularly well with light wood countertops for a modernly rustic feel.

Rosedale Park

If you’re inspired by the pastel-colored tent kitchen of the Great British Baking Show, then Rosedale Park is the color for you. This light-hearted green has just a little bit of gray in it, making it the perfect balance of modern and retro.

Delray Moss

Nature has been a rising inspiration in many homes, and Delray Moss is a beautiful dark green to give your kitchen a natural, yet elegant, ambiance. It matches wonderfully with hardwood floors and butcher block countertops.

Beloved Blues

Blue Isle Blue

Everyone loves a blue kitchen, and Belle Isle Blue is the perfect shade for cabinet paint. This blue hue gives off a calm, beachy vibe that’ll make your kitchen feel like a beach home! It’s light and serene, turning your kitchen into a relaxing haven after a stressful day.

Dossin Blue

Dossin Blue is a classic navy blue color. If you want to stray away from dark cabinets, consider painting the inside walls or shelves, instead. It’s an easy color that stays clean and looks amazing against light colored accents.

Bold with Black

Black Bottom Blue

Dare you go darker than navy blue? Black is making a comeback! It may seem like an intense color, but cabinets are the perfect pieces of furniture to use black paint on. Black Bottom Blue has blue undertones that will impress guests and make them want to take a closer look. Is it blue or is it black? Either way, this cabinet paint looks fantastic.

Farrow and Ball’s Pitch Black

If you’re really looking for a little extra drama in your kitchen, Farrow and Ball’s Pitch Black is the ultimate black. If you have only a few cabinets or a couple of open shelves, this shade of black will help them stand out more! Not to mention, they are less likely to look dirty over time.

Trending Colors

Olympia Cornerstone

As nature-esque shades of dark greens and rich browns continue to trend, shades of clay are also starting to grow in popularity. Add some spice to your kitchen with Olympia Cornerstone, which has luxurious red hues that are slightly deeper than terracotta. It just might inspire you to use more seasonings in your cooking!

Wise Owl’s Beeswax

Zillow’s annual paint color analysis showed that cream-colored kitchens are less desirable to home buyers, so why not go bold with the yellow? Wise Owl’s Beeswax is a bright and cheery pop of yellow that will put a smile on your face every time you pass through your kitchen.

Motor City Paints is dedicated to helping people turn houses into homes, and we know how scary it can be to choose a new cabinet paint color. To help make it easier, use coupon code “FREEPINT” to get your first pint of paint on us!

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