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Our Favorite Paint Colors for Bedroom Furniture

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Many people are amazed to see how newly painted walls can totally transform an old room. It can really make a room look brand new! While it’s common knowledge that a fresh coat of paint can go a long way, did you know that those transformations are not limited to just walls? Painted bedroom furniture is a great DIY alternative for anyone looking to revamp a room on a budget.

Updating the Old

All the furniture in your home may very well be in great working condition, but maybe they’re starting to seem a little less exciting than when you first bought them. Since there’s nothing wrong with them, though, there’s no reason to go out on a shopping spree! Transform them into something new by simply painting them a different color. You might be surprised how much brighter, bolder, or more vibrant your bedroom becomes by painting your bed frame a different color.

Finding New Purpose

Repurposing old, unused items in your home into something new has recently become a trend that we are in love with. We’ve seen cabinet doors get turned into bedside tables, mason jars turned into soap dispensers, old sinks turned into planters, and even wood pallets turned into platform beds. There are endless possibilities for painted bedroom furniture made out of items that may be otherwise thrown away.

Why We Love Wise Owl Chalk Paint

Wise Owl Paints Chalk Synthesis paints come in many fun, exciting colors that will fit any decor and aesthetic in a home. They make chalk synthesis paint, a mineral based paint that is zero VOC and free of harsh chemicals and solvents. Wise Owl paints are super easy to use, no matter how handy you are. Their paints adhere to wood, glass, and metal, and you don’t have to worry about sanding and priming for most projects. They also make a variety of finishes to complete your newly painted bedroom furniture.

Top 5 Best Selling Colors

Robin’s Egg

You can never go wrong with blue, and this lively robin’s egg blue will definitely brighten up your bedroom. It’s also a perfect shade for a crib and dresser set in a nursery or a toy trunk in the playroom.

Antique Villa

Antique Villa is an aged white that looks amazing, especially when you finish your piece with a little distressing. It’s light yet rustic, perfect for bookshelves, dressers, and bedroom sets.


If you’re looking for something a little less bright, Bone is a subtle pale gray that will breathe elegance into your bedroom. Try it on a bedroom set or nightstands.

Black Cherry

Looking for more color? Black Cherry is a dark purple-red great for adding warmth to a space. Try using this on a vanity for a beautiful bedroom statement piece. For a nice daily surprise, you could also paint this color on the inside of your dresser drawers for a unique pop!


Abyss is a deep navy that will make you feel lost at sea. This darker color can become the perfect accent in a neutral room. Use it to transform your bed frame, dressers, or nightstands.

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